We Put AdvoCare on the Map In Fresno!

Become a Part of the Fresno/Clovis Advocare Team!

It is an exciting time for those who are involved in AdvoCare already and those who will be very soon! This week we received some big news as corporate has noticed AdvoCare in Fresno and Clovis is running wild!
Some of you have already noticed what AdvoCare in Fresno is doing in people’s lives…helping them to lose weight, build muscle, keep lean, be healthy and even earn an extra income!
I know it has been a great blessing to have been involved with AdvoCare for a year now! Nothing is better than getting to do something I love and am passionate about, help people reach their goals, add years to their life, AND earn an income doing it! For those of you in the Fresno/Clovis area we have a great opportunity to share with you.

When: Thursday, June 14th at 6:30
Where: Piccadilly Inn Shaw
2305 W. Shaw Ave.
Fresno, CA 93711

Featuring: AdvoCare Director of Sales Development, Humphrey Fisser

You do not want to miss this! Contact me for more information at info@liveandloveadvocare.com

Live and Love AdvoCare

AdvoCare Independent Distributor in Fresno and Clovis, California

I happy to announce that I have started my own AdvoCare business in the Fresno/Clovis area!  I never thought I would do something like this but after having used these amazing products for months now, I feel compelled to get them into the hands of others. I have not only been impressed with the results AdvoCare has given me as well as my family and friends, I have really been impressed by the company and all the people behind it!

l am confident in AdvoCare’s outstanding Scientific and Medical Advisory Board, the number of non-paid endorsers who use the products, and the hundreds of real life testimonies of life change, success, and health!  AdvoCare provides me the opportunity to help people to eat right and fuel their bodies in a healthy and safe way. AdvoCare is more than just a superior nutritional company, it is a company that comes along side people and helps them to change their lives.

To find out more on how you can become an AdvoCare distributor, please fill out the information below!