AdvoCare Performance Elite and Drew Brees

It has been within the last year the Drew Brees has become AdvoCare’s national spokesperson. He, along with many top professional athletes trust in the nutritional products AdvoCare formulates. Our entire Performance Elite Line, along with several other products, are Informed-Choice Certified. This means that those products like Spark and Mass Impact, have tested free from over 200 banned substances making them sanctioned to the professional athlete.
AdvoCare’s Performance Elite line is advanced sports nutrition, intended to take weight training and fitness to the next level. These products are focused on helping to protect and build lean muscle as well as provide workout recovery to continue building. For more information, contact us below!

Healthy and Safe Energy Drink Alternative

Need More Energy?  Get SPARKED!

Before I tried Spark, I was an exhausted, a new “stay at home from teaching jr. high mommy”, to take care of my three little ones.  I thought not working would help bring back some of that energy I was missing.  WRONG!  It was worse!  But then a little “SPARK” ignited something in me.  With Spark, I felt like my mind was cleared and my body gained the energy I needed to make it through dinner, baths, and bedtime for three without crashing on the couch by dark!  I love my Spark!

Spark is a healthy and safe alternative energy drink created by AdoCare that is a Vitamin and Amino Acid Supplement. It gives mental focus and sustained energy that last at least five hours.  But the best part about it is that it is full of nutrients. It offers 21 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients at only 45 calories.  Spark comes in several different flavors and is available in boxes of 14 pouches or a canister with a serving size of 42.  Add SPARK to your life!  If Drew Brees loves it, you know you won’t be disappointed!

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